Raidió Fáilte

Raidió Fáilte, the Irish language community radio station and broadcasting studio has been on air since 2006. This building was promoted and progressed as part Líonra Uladh, the development project for Belfast’s Gaeltacht Quarter.

The project site is situated along the motorway wall at the junction of Divis Street and the Westlink, this new build facility provides a unique community provision. Once a tightly knit urban neighbourhood with industrial employment nearby, the new motorway stamped a deep cut through a once connected place, separating neighbour from neighbour.

Raidió Fáilte affirms a new physical presence directly onto the public space of the street. In an area of historical anti-social behaviour defensive mechanisms were integrated into the building’s façade such as the voided brick and gold metal screens perforated with historic verses of poetry in Irish Celtic; avoiding the need for unsightly roller shutters and enabling the building to have a much more welcoming demeanour.

This project’s chief benefactor is the local community of the Lower Falls and Divis area. The learning hub has been a catalyst for new opportunities on a derelict troubled spot and provides a focus for regeneration.

The ground floor café, exhibition area and archive centre are an open ‘fáilte’ to the public, offices on first floor level, with studio and training spaces on the second and recording studio and staff room on the third provide the content for the day to day running of the radio station.

RIBA / RSUA Design Award 2019 -

RICS Community Benefit Award 2019 -

BDA Brick Awards 2019 – Urban Regeneration -


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