“The Guardian” – Mullaghcarn Mountain, Gortin Glen Forest Park

“The Seanchaί” – Sperrin Heritage Centre, Glenelly Road, Plumbridge

“The Stargazer” – Davagh Forest, Davagh Road, Cookstown



Conceived by McGurk Architects “The Giants of Sperrin” Sculptural trilogy aims to market the Sperrin Mountain region in a robust and unforgettable manner. Targeting international visitors, three twenty-five foot sculptures by Environmental Artist Thomas Dambo latch onto Tourism NI’s “Embrace the Giant Spirit” moto to establish a specific brand and identity for the Sperrin’s many attractions. The giants celebrate the ancient, intriguing and atmospheric natural beauty of the landscape, its geology, archaeology and inherent recent history.

They have a universal quality with human traits that transcend the confines of time, place, age, beliefs or actions. They look deep and wise but are young and playful at heart. They evoke the mystical, the ancient and are yet contemporary. Their sturdy bodies, limbs and faces are as primitive and elemental as the terrain they inhabit. The Giant’s are to be constructed and carved from oak, the sacred tree of the Celts and the essence of Derry-Celts and the essence of Derry-Doire-Colmcille’s ‘little oak grove’. Drawing the visitor’s attention to the past, when people marked their place and time on the planet by the sun, stars and planets movement, the trail eventually leads to Davagh’s observatory offering a view to the future.