Roddy McCorley Society

The Roddy McCorley Society has been based in the Gaeltacht Quarter at Moyard House on the Glen Road since 1984. The social club has flourished during this time while a small museum of cultural artefacts has steadily grown. The society commissioned McGurk Architects in May 2017 to develop a purpose built visitors centre, incorporating a museum and restaurant.

The latter is located on ground floor level with direct access off the building’s reception with a double height void over the east wall for larger type exhibits to be displayed in a top lit space, this allows the museum experience to be enjoyed from the first floor level restaurant also.

A public piazza, capable of holding small events for the society and allowing exhibitions to continue outside, has also been added. New arrangements for parking and level access to and from the building have been incorporated in the design.

The materiality and modernity of the extension represent the society’s desire to bring their organisation into the 21st century and cater for the needs of a modern tourist. The extension latches onto the existing building, creating a new, shared single entrance to access the existing social club and new functions provided.

The building extension is clad at first floor level in an aluminium standing seam spaced at irregular intervals to give a rippling effect to the outer face. The metal cladding sits upon a base of black brick with large window openings. A large first floor balcony with views of the city cantilevers over the main entrance providing a transitional sheltered space before entering the building into a welcoming top-lit reception space.



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