Milesian Manor

Planning approval for Macklin Group’s Milesian Manor Home expansion, from twenty-four beds (38 residents) to 90 single en-suited rooms fully compliant with ROIA guidelines, was acquired by McGurk Architects in December 2016.

The phased development quadruples the original square footage of the home, forming a courtyard either side of it. The first courtyard block is due to be completed in February 2018 and will host 44 en-suited bedrooms on three levels. Phase one’s site works include entrance landscaping, fencing, parking and new access arrangements off a 38-unit residential development access road adjacent to the site.

The design masks the scale of this large building’s footprint on a restrictive site by housing the second floor accommodation in a mansard roof construction. Lead clad box dormers give the composition rhythm and scale, while projecting brickwork bays with mansard gables add interest to the frontage.



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