Melvin Sports Complex

McGurk Architects’ competition winning entry for the expansion and modernisation of Melvin Sports Complex is located in the heart of Strabane, next the Mourne River. Contrary to the brief, McGurk Architects’ decided to retain the existing massing of the old hall to which they added a state-of-the-art four-court sports hall.

The design for this space features a three-sided polycarbonate Danpalon clerestory spanned by barrel-vaulted steel trusses. This minimises the daily usage of artificial lighting, whilst heating and ventilation costs were reduced by Kingspan passivents located at level next to the ceiling-mounted radiant panels.

The building entrance was relocated adjacent to the car park and the exterior façade modernised by a Swisspearl rainscreen that gives the complex a refreshing and playful appearance. This contemporary design has been well received by visitors and users of the border town resource.


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