Maydown, Derry

Renewable Energy


Energy storage demand is being led by mass quantities of onshore wind in the North West. Understanding the constraints on the grid for their own biomass wood chip energy plant at Lisahally Docks. Evermore Energy recognised a need to maximise this wind energy in the North West. This project involves two 50MW energy storage battery plants, designed by brothers Ciaran and Stephen Devine to provide reactive power to the grid. The development aims to provide stability and make better use of how Northern Ireland is generating electricity. At present the overall demand does not always marry up with the huge levels of wind generation in the North West and this technology will smooth out fluctuations and grid patterns.

McGurk Architects’ design for the buildings is enclosed by a board marked concrete base with a powder coated expanded metal cladding surrounding the first floor level. This allowed us to clad unsightly but very necessary ventilation equipment stored externally providing a seamless cladding wrap to the building without need for unsightly vents.

The project is estimated to save around 3.7 million tonnes of CO2 emissions and produce enough electricity to supply the equivalent of more than 25,000 homes. This is the first private battery energy storage facility in Northern Ireland, representing an unprecedented leap forward in renewable energy.