Chanterhill Road, Enniskillen.

Bespoke Residential


This classically designed replacement dwelling features include a granite entrance portico, large sliding sash windows and lead box-shaped dormer’s windows in a slated roof construction.

The dwelling’s formally designed road frontage and side elevations contrast with the contemporary rear elevation, where large areas of glazing respond to the rear of the building’s south westerly aspect and its close proximity to the hill at the rear. The elevation of the flat plot from this sloping site was engineered by a retaining wall of gabion baskets and the garage structure’s location next the slope. This allows the sizeable 6000 square foot house to sit comfortably in its environment and ensures the quality of light internally does not suffer from the overshadowing of adjoining premises.

The building’s interior combines this theme with a sweeping classically detailed stone staircase and traditional timber sash window shutters. These have been merged successfully alongside the modern detailing of the rhombus-shaped kitchen island roof-light in the open planned interior.